Philipp Innig Aguion

Joined the group

I studied Biochemistry at the Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) in Germany and obtained my Bachelor's degree in 2017. After completing my Bachelor's, I continued studying Biochemistry at the Hannover Medical School (MHH) with a focus on biophysical chemistry and obtained my Master's degree in 2020. During my Master's thesis, I had the chance to deepen my knowledge of biophysical chemistry in the lab of Alexander Marchanka, who also stimulated my interest in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), at the Centre of Biomolecular Drug Research (BMWZ) in Hannover. In his lab, I used solution-state NMR spectroscopy to study the structure of the viral RNA genome from Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and its interactions with host microRNAs. In 2020, I started my PhD in the group of Teresa Carlomagno at the BMWZ. My research in her group focusss on the methodological development of solid state NMR (ssNMR) spectroscopy for the structure determination of the RNA components of large ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes.