Kim Walbrunn

Joined the group

I am Kim Walbrunn, and I studied Chemical Biology at the Technical University Dortmund (TU Dortmund) from 2014 to 2019.

During my studies I had the chance to work in a proteomics group at the Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences (ISAS) as a student assistant. Here I worked on proteome analysis by mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS & LC-SPS). For my Master's thesis I joined a structural biology group, working on protein expression, purification and crystallization of clinically relevant oncogenes, with particular focus on the EGFR protein family.

After completing my Master's, I started my PhD in the group of Teresa Carlomagno at the Leibniz University Hannover (now at the University of Birmingham). My field of interest here is the structural investigation of enzymatic protein complex responsible for chemical modification of tRNAs, applying diverse structural biology methods such as protein crystallography, solution NMR and SAXS.