Dr Connie Koo

Post-doctoral Research Associate

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Connie moved from New Zealand to the United Kingdom in 2015, where she undertook a MSc in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Birmingham. During a short three-month MSc research project in the lab of Dr. Mike Tomlinson, she learnt about tetraspanins, a superfamily of four-transmembrane proteins that primarily function as regulators of other membrane proteins. Fuelled by the desire to dissect the molecular mechanisms behind how a group of six tetraspanins regulate the substrate specificity of the ubiquitous transmembrane protease ADAM10, she continued her research on tetraspanins with Drs. Mike Tomlinson and Natalie Poulter through a project funded by the Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE), followed by a British Heart Foundation PhD Studentship.

Connie enjoys learning about the latest research technologies and applying different techniques and tools to address complex mechanistic questions. Since obtaining her PhD in 2022, she has ventured into Integrative Structural Biology in her current post-doc position with Professor Teresa Carlomagno.