I received my undergrad degree in Molecular Biology from Moscow State University. My thesis was done at EIMB RAS under Prof. VL Karpov supervision and was related to yeast transcriptional factors. I started my PhD in Prof. Carlomagno group in 09/2014 and currently I am working on a structural model of a large protein complex involved in histone modifications and nucleosome assembly. The main methods I employ are NMR, small-angle solution scattering and computational modelling (namely, HADDOCK).




Lercher L, Danilenko N, Kirkpatrick J, Carlomagno T.

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Karpov DS, Grineva EN, Leinsoo AT, Nadolinskaia NI, Danilenko NK, Spasskaya DS, Preobrazhenskaya OV, Karpov VL

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