Lukas did his undergrad at the LMU, Munich in Biochemistry, focusing on physical, organic and biochemistry. He completed his master thesis in the lab of Prof. T Carell, working on novel methods for 5-meC sequencing.  After a brief stint at the Technion in Haifa, working on organometallic chemistry with Prof. I Marek, he moved to the University of Oxford in 2010 to start his PhD in chemical biology with Prof. BG Davis and Prof. CJ Schofield. Here, he spent most of his time working on DNA and protein modification methodology and studying the effect of protein PTMs on structure and dynamics. During this time, a stay at the SGC in Toronto, in the lab of Dr. J Min, cemented his interest in protein structure. A collaboration with Prof. AJ Baldwin sparked his interest in protein NMR, which he decided to pursue for his post-doc, in the Carlomagno lab. He is currently working on chaperone assisted histone folding and regulation of enzyme activity by chaperone association.

In his spare time he enjoys going climbing, music and the occasional pint.


Chemical biology, chemical protein modification, PTMs, epigenetics




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