I obtained my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. During this time, I worked with Prof. Anthony Watts on the characterisation of membrane nanodiscs by biophysical and magnetic resonance techniques. For my thesis, I worked in Dr. Jason Schnell's lab on solution state NMR of membrane proteins. Since joining the Carlomagno group at EMBL Heidelberg in 2012, I have worked on characterising proteins and protein/RNA complexes by integrating NMR and solution scattering techniques, as well as other biochemical and biophysical methods. My main focus has been on elucidating the mechanism and regulation of the 400-KDa Box C/D snoRNP enzyme at the structural and biochemical levels.


Small-angle scattering techniques (X-Ray, Neutron)
Biophysical techniques
Bacterial protein expression & purification, in vitro protein complex reconstitution
NMR Spectroscopy




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