3 Postdoc and 2 PhD positions available (Take a look to the "Job Positions" section for further details)

The successful candidates will work in the NMR-based Structural Chemistry group of Prof. Teresa Carlomagno. The group studies RNA–protein complexes involved in RNA metabolism and enzymatically active protein–protein complexes. We combine multiple structural biology techniques, including NMR spectroscopy (both solution- and solid-state), X-ray crystallography, EPR, SAXS, SANS and mass spectrometry, to solve the active structures of large and dynamic biomolecular complexes. Available research projects include investigation of the structure and activity mechanisms of protein complexes involved in the regulation of gene expression and of enzymes that synthesize bioactive natural products in microorganisms (non-ribosomal peptide synthases). The tasks of the postdoctoral scientist will include sample preparation, biophysical characterization of in vitro-assembled complexes (for example by means of ITC, analytical ultracentrifugation and light-scattering), development and application of NMR experiments, structure determination and computational modelling.

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