Luca Codutti


I am an NMR spectroscopist with biotechnological backgrounds. Currently I am working with the structural characterization of RNA binding proteins and the determination of the binding of fragment ligands to proteins of pharmaceutical interest, such as Kinases and Phosphodiestherases and GPCR.

Non ribosomal peptide synthesis

Rapid rise of drug-resistant virile strains of bacteria has made it imperative that we search for new anti-bacterials, and more importantly, cost-efficient ways of producing them. Current pipeline of producing chemical drugs involves, at the very least, a decade of manpower and millions of dollars in investment. Nature has its own repertoire of potent therapeutic agents called Non – Ribosomal peptides (NRPs). These peptides show a wide range of pharmaceutical activity, for example as antibacterial and antitumor agents.


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We are located in Schneiderberg 38 PLZ 30167 Hannover Germany



A Graziadei ,F Gabel ,J Kirkpatrick ,T Carlomagno

The guide sRNA sequence determines the activity level of box C/D RNPs

Elife. 2020 Mar 23;9. pii: e50027 doi: link

M. Marasco, A. Berteotti, J. Weyershaeuser, N. Thorausch, J. Sikorska, J. Krausze, H. J. Brandt, J. Kirkpatrick, P. Rios, W. W. Schamel, M. Köhn and T. Carlomagno