Nataliya Danilenko


Nataliya did her undergrad studies at Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology. In her second year she chose the department of molecular biology and was focusing on biochemistry during the following years. This also included first short research project and then Diploma thesis at the EIMB RAS under Prof VL Karpov supervision. Both projects were related to yeast transcriptional factors involved in proteasome genes regulation, which enabled Nataliya with the basic molecular biology wet lab skills and desire to try something new. She decided to do a PhD in the Carlomagno lab, combining her previous experience and at the same making a jump into the exciting area of structural biology, namely protein NMR. Currently she is working on histone-chaperone complexes project with Dr LA Lercher.

In her spare time she enjoys bouldering, surfing, music and an occasional pint with Dr LA Lercher.